Our First Food Tour Has Launched

on October 14, 2019

Oly Eats has just launched its first food tour!

We’re just getting started. Check out our site to book your next food adventure today!

first food tour

Before Summer 2019, Oly Eats was just an idea. We had a dream to share the city we love and the amazing food there with more people. After much help and support from family, friends, and the food tourism community, we are proud to announce that Oly Eats is now a reality! We have just launched the Downtown West Loop Food Tour.

When we first started creating our tour, we wanted to include as many local shops and restaurants as possible from all over downtown Olympia. However, we soon realized that we can offer an even better experience by keeping it small to start. So, we’ve decided to split downtown up into a few smaller areas, including our “West Loop”. We may be the only ones to call it that, but hey, we’re okay with that. Additionally, our tours are scheduled to keep each group small and intimate. No more straining to hear what the tour guide said or getting lost in a big group. By the end, you’ll know everyone’s names and feel like you’ve spent the afternoon with new friends. 

In the future, we would like to branch out farther and offer even more food tour options, including a possible tour of the Olympia Farmers Market. The Oly Eats Team is so excited to begin this new adventure with you, and above all, create unforgettable food experiences! Olympia has a long history and many behind-the-scenes stories that we can’t wait to share, and we’re just getting started!


Till Our Next Food Adventure,

The Oly Eats Team


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